Finding a New Normal as a New Mom

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When I became a new mom, I thought, "This is the greatest!  She sleeps on me all day and I get to work while she sleeps!"  Ha!  How quickly life changes....  I thought once I "got a schedule" figured out I could start running Knittedhome just like before.  But if my blogging habits were any indication (2 posts in 7 months), that was not going to happen any time soon.

I even started a blog post "How I organize my life to run a successful online income" to organize my thoughts on how best to tackle these new responsibilities so I could better focus on my shop.  You can see how it never made it to publish.... :)  Because babies are unpredictable!  From day to day and even hour to hour.  Sometimes I feel like I'm on borrowed time every naptime - I should be washing dishes, running a load of laundry or prepping dinner... or picking up the house, instead of enjoying some (gasp!) hot coffee and sitting at my computer to blog or edit product images.  Especially when naptimes become scarce due to teething or a fever.  :(  Then no one is happy.... ;)

So how do you find a new, hopefully productive, normal as a new mom hoping to still keep up with her online business?  

You learn to adjust, juggle, and anticipate.  


I've learned that it's better to start a load of laundry in the morning and change it at the end of the day than not start one at all; it's better to wash the dishes before I sit down "for a rest" (or start blogging) because I won't get back up until I absolutely have to.  And don't waste any movement - going downstairs?  Take a load of dirty laundry or recycling with you.  Going upstairs?  Take that folded, clean laundry with you.  Coming inside from the car with an empty hand?  Grab a few toys out of the car so it can be a little less crowded next time.  ;)  Chipping away at the everyday tasks seems to be the best way to make a dent, though it certainly doesn't create that transformation of Before and After that we all love on HGTV.  For those transformations, I recommend inviting Company over.  Then you'll quickly have the dishes done, the laundry away, the toys picked up "neatly" and all the floors swept by the time they come over, right??  Or maybe at least an attempt.  ;)

And chipping away at all this housework frees up my guilt to allow me some Work time.  It's funny how I'll set goals for my day like, "If I get the dishes done and a load of laundry started, then I can sit and blog for the rest of naptime.  As long as I toss the laundry in the dryer when she wakes up."  Do other work-from-home moms do this?  

If you're still curious to see what my list consisted of that I once thought would make all the difference, here it is:  (if only I was this dedicated to a schedule)

  • Hire a cleaning lady monthly for the deep-cleaning = free up more time for Work
  • Menu Planning = coupon clipping + grocery list
  • Crockpot + Freezer meals
  • Playdates (drop off my daughter = Work time or stay for extra social time)
  • Stroller walks = exercise, socializing with mom friends, and playground tire-them-out-for-a-long-nap time.
  • Automate everything possible with Backend Business Tasks = IFTTT, Buffer, Facebook status scheduler, Etsy's auto downloadable pdfs.
  • Google Calendar to sync specific events between my husband's and my calendar so we don't forget to update the other.
  • It becomes amazing to me how much time I truly had available to improving my shop but it was only after my daughter was born that I find myself taking my business more seriously and pouring more energy into creating its success.  

And I know it's going to be even crazier once Baby #2 arrives!  My friends of two are already telling me that even the sacred naptime breather becomes non-existent once you have two because of differing nap schedules.  :(

What have you discovered in creating your New Normal when you became a mother?  I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!  Be sure to click "subscribe via email" to receive comment reply notifications.

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