Interested in highlighting your small business or brand on the Knittedhome blog?  Please take a look at your options below and Contact Me with your requests, requirements, and anything else you think I should know.  I'm deeply honored and excited to hear from you.

A Little About Me

Knittedhome officially opened in November 2009 on Etsy, with this blog to illustrate the story backstage.  In 2015 I moved to Squarespace.  

Self-publishing + blogging have been in my blood since 2001.  I thrive on composing numerous posts throughout a typical day and schedule 1-3 posts per week.  Photos are original to my blog & edited by me, unless otherwise credited.

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My Typical Reader

My average reader is a female ranging in age from 21 to 45.  She likes pretty, practical things for herself, her young children, and her home.  She loves to Instagram and share unique finds and helpful tips to her friends.  She and her hubby are best friends and enjoy discovering and supporting handmade business as well as dabbling in (or perhaps own) their own handmade ventures.

My Monthly Stats


I currently offer two sizes for the sidebar:

400 x 180 pixels = $25 per month / $75 per 3 months / $250 per year

500 x 500 pixels = $35 per month / $85 per 3 months / $250 per year

Banners must be stationary (no animation) to reduce load time and keep readers happy.  If you would like me to create a banner for you the cost is $30 and becomes your property to reuse at your discretion. 

All ads are invoiced via PayPal and must be paid for prior to the placement of the ad.  Ready to get your Brand out there?


Promote your business through a blog post giveaway!  This is a great way to introduce my readers to your wonderful products + services as well as brighten their day for stopping by.  I really love to promote products that can relate to or support yarn crafting (knit/crochet), family life, + a home/handmade lifestyle.

Giveaways are typically run from Monday morning through Sunday evening, announcing the winner the next Monday morning with a dedicated blog post.  All winners are chosen by  Both the host + the recipient will receive notification of the winner from me via email.

The cost of hosting a giveaway is $65

This includes:

  • Time to write + edit the post as well as compose any complementary images necessary

  • Prime placement on the blog for the duration of the giveaway

  • Featured on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, + Twitter, as well as a dedicated Email to my subscribers.

  • PLUS continued visibility for the lifetime of this blog

Ready to host your Giveaway?

Guest Blogging

Write your own feature + expand your reading audience.  I am currently re-focusing my blog to promote products and resources that relate to or support: a home/handmade lifestyle, including outfit posts and home decor styling; yarn crafting (knit/crochet) topics, and living a positive family life.

If you have a topic in mind or believe you would be a good fit for the Knittedhome blog, I'd love to hear from you!

Please use the Contact page so we can start collaborating.