Always made by hand with two knitting needles or one crochet hook.

About the Maker:

I was born and raised in NW Ohio.  I started crocheting when I was 7, knitting when I was 14 and teaching both craft skills since 2012.  I especially love introducing beginners to this addicting hobby and meeting people at handmade markets.

A Family Tradition

It all started because my sister stayed home sick from school and learned to knit from my grandmother.  Being the jealous 7 year old that I was, my grandmother offered to teach me to crochet and I took to it like a fish to water.

Though I had my 7-year-old patience tested countless times by the craft, it has always been a constant in my life.

Knitting came later, at the "mature" age of 14 when I had grown bored of crocheting.  My aunt taught me to knit at her cottage and I was hooked.  

Even my tools continue the family tradition, crochet hooks + knitting needles handed down to me from my great-grandmother's collection.  

I can't wait to pass on the love for handcrafted to my daughters when they each reach the magical age of 7.  Perhaps one or both of them will discover the same addicting passion that fuels my life.

Style & Quality

All my products are made with either quality store bought yarns or directly sourced from fiber farmers.  Eventually I would like all my products to be made with only direct-sourced fiber.  

As I continue to search for quality fiber in the United States, I hope to one day make all my products from directly-sourced, small scale fiber farms.

If you or someone you know is looking to sell naturally raised + locally processed yarn, please email me.  I love supporting fellow small businesses.

FYI - All items are created in a smoke-free environment with one house cat that does like to check out what I am working on from time to time.  

About the Brand:

Everything is designed and crafted to become a timeless piece in your home or wardrobe.  Not only through clean lines and design, but also through construction and durability.  

All materials are chosen for their long-lasting wear and washing capabilities to give your home and your family durable luxury.

100% Handmade

All my products are 100% handmade by me with my friends (that's you!) in mind.  Each item is created with years of expertise + a perfectionist's precision to make sure that you only receive the best I can offer.  This includes the knitting, crocheting, and sewing of all pieces.  Because each item is handmade, please allow for slight variances between similar items and colors (due to different dye-lots + computer screen representation).

When you purchase from Knittedhome you are supporting a mother + her young family build a handmade life.  You can sneak a peak into that life on my blog or through Instagram.


Many of my original patterns are available for purchase + I also offer a collection of resources for my fellow crafters on Choosing Tools for Success and Building a Handmade Business.

Art Shows & Events

If you're curious what my items look like in real life, I highly recommend checking out my Events tab for upcoming shows.  Or you can check out my blog and gallery for pictures of my products.  

previous shows include:


Crocheting the beautiful Chunky Shell Throw Blanket.

Crocheting the beautiful Chunky Shell Throw Blanket.