Craft Show Wish List 2016

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With the hint of warm and sunny weather just around the corner, my thoughts are eagerly anticipating Art Walks and summer weather fun.  Like everyone else, I'm ready to soak up some warm sun rays and refresh my whole life.  Or maybe that last part is just the spring fever.  

Either way it's time to start thinking about what spring and summer craft shows to apply for and begin building my list of deadlines so I don't miss any favorites.  My portfolio of images also needs updating as well as creating a document of application answers (post coming Friday) so I'm not reinventing the wheel with every application I fill out.  This is definitely a time saver if you'll be applying to more than one or two shows per year.

Craft Show Wish List 2016 |

Craft Show List for 2016

Spring Maker's Mart - May 7

Naturally Crafty Spring Show - April? May?

Maple + Main - June 11 + 12

Third Thursday Art Walks - June through Dec

Renegade Art Show - Sept 10 +11 - Chicago, IL

Independent's Day Festival - Sept - Columbus, OH

UMC Craft & Bake Sale - Oct - Columbus, OH

Fall Into Style? - Oct

Naturally Christmas Show - Nov

Fall Maker's Mart - Nov

Detroit Urban Craft Fair - Dec 2 - 4- Detroit, MI

Heralding the Holidays - Dec 2 + 3

OI Crafting for Charity - Dec 2

Tis the Secor - Dec. 11

I want to build up my Show list to include 2-4 shows a month, with a goal to attend a handful of new shows every year.  So far I have 5 new shows in this year's line up, but my list still feels quite short.  If you know of any Shows that you'd like to see Knittedhome attend, please comment below or shoot me an email.

What Craft Shows are you looking forward to this year?  What has the promise of warmer weather got you itching to do?  I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!  Be sure to click "subscribe via email" to receive comment reply notifications.
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