Essential New-Mom Gear

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I originally rounded up my favorite new-mom essentials to celebrate my #MakersMondayFeature on 3and3handmadeshop's Instagram to highlight what got us through EJ's first year. 

But now that we have Baby #2 on the way, I'll be revisiting plenty of these shops to restock on their amazing products and as well as a mental refresher on going back to the beginning.

Other essentials not on Etsy that made our first year smoother:

  1. Bouncy seat - great for freeing up my arms while still allowing EJ to witness all the goings-on.  Many naps (& showers for mom!) were had in this little chair.
  2. Moby wrap - for the first few months the stretchy fabric of the Moby made babywearing an easier learning curve than the woven wrap.
  3. Lansolin nipple cream - yes, it can be painful at the beginning but it is so worth it + this stuff (basically Vaseline) provides instant relief!
  4. Lactation Consultant - find one + get her contact info + get to know her before Baby arrives.  Her knowledge + guidance are PRICELESS.
  5. Nursing bras - get four or five because you will be covered in sour-smelling milk and all you'll want to do is wash that thing as soon as possible.
  6. Pump in Style Medela electro pump - check your insurance coverage - many are required to reimburse you for the whole price!
  7. Lansolin storage bags
  8. Poise pads for postpartum bleeding
  9. Skip Hop diaper bag that doubles as a purse - this one is similar to mine
  10. Cloth diapers - Grovia hybrid shell with stay dry inserts - I found these to be the easiest cloth diaper system to use after being used to disposable diapers for 13 years babysitting.
  11. 2 pail liners + foot pedal trash can - because your hands will be full keeping baby on the changing table and not dropping poop everywhere.
  12. DIY puree food (in your basic blender) & freeze in ice cube trays.
  13. Video monitor (can shower and not have to listen for noise).
  14. iBaby App to track feedings, diaper changes, growth, etc.
  15. Upromise (have family members sign up to contribute) & college account for baby.

Other Ways to Save

  1. Rummage/ Church/ Garage Sales, Hand me downs & gifts for clothing
  2. Empty loose change at the end of the day into a piggy bank.  Empty piggy into savings account every month or so to gather interest.

What were your essentials for the first year of Baby?  I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below!  Be sure to click "subscribe via email" to receive comment reply notifications.

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